from Croatia, Slovakia and Austria

RE:NEW MUSIC Projects is devoted to expanding the boundaries of contemporary music. The brilliant ensemble reconsil wien continues SPEKTRAL’s ‘GRENZENLOS’ series with this recording of new compositions from three nations that share a common border point — Slovakia, Croatia and Austria. Recorded by ORF Vienna.

Julia Purgina, viola
ensemble reconsil wien
Roland Freisitzer, conductor



Mirela Ivicevic (*1980): Dominosa FF00FF
Lukáš Borzík (*1979): Ask the Mirror
Julia Purgina (*1980): Violakonzert
Petra Bachratá (*1975): Subjective Risk … No Alternative
Marko Ruždjak (*1946): Prudent Views of My Love Passing by the Season
Daniel Riegler (*1977): Cardea

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English booklet enclosed (28 pages) / German booklet enclosed
Total recording time: 72.12 | Format: 1 Audio-CD | RD: 09/2010
Live Recording: 6/2010 – RadioKulturHaus, ORF Radio Broadcast. Corp. Vienna
(p) & (c) 2010 SPEKTRAL | Series SPEKTRAL »GRENZENLOS«
Order No.: SRL4-10083 | GTIN (EAN): 4260130380830




is a transnational project in which twelve countries participate. It includes 22 ensembles and 176 works by 160 different composers. The project is supported by the EU Cultural Fund and its goal is to facilitate the International exchange of repertoire and musical experiences. The participants work together to have as much new music performed as possible, and to bring it to as many countries as they are able.
In co-operation with the composers, ensemble reconsil wien has prepared and performed seven works from five different countries for the RE:NEW MUSIC project.
This CD is a recording of a concert that took place in the Wiener RadioKulturHaus on June 1, 2010. It was dedicated to Slovakia, Croatia and Austria, whose borders all meet at a common point. In the concert, each country was represented by two composers: Mirela Ivicevic, Lukáš Borzík, Julia Purgina, Petra Bachratá, Marko Ruždjak and Daniel Riegler. All had works that were given either world premiers or local first performances.
The result was a memorable concert that has now been documented for posterity on this CD. It also allowed ensemble reconsil wien to engage transnationally with composers who will have a future significance far beyond that of this project.
This CD reflects the ideals that are most important to RE:NEW MUSIC. It organizes New Music projects on an international scale at the highest artistic level and builds connections between performers and composers right across Europe.
Abstract from the CD-Booklet, text by Thomas Demidoff


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