The Bells of Konstanz Cathedral

A phantastic sound experience
One of the most marvellous chimes in Germany
Premiere Recording

Bells are instruments of Holy Liturgy. This recording documents the nineteen historical and modern bells of Konstanz Cathedral. They have been placed in an exemplary arrangement by bell expert Andreas Philipp. When struck in various partial ensembles and as a whole, Konstanz cathedral’s chime shows that it has its place under the most marvellous chimes in Germany.



Historical bells (tracks 1-7)

Ridge turret bells (track 8)

Motives based on the fundamental bell d sharp (tracks 9-14)

Motives based on the fundamental bell c sharp (tracks 15-19)

Motives based on the fundamental bell b (tracks 20-24)

St. Mary’s Bell (track 25)

Motives based on the fundamental bell g sharp (tracks 26-31)

Plenum of the modern bells in combination with the ridge turret bells (track 31)


Total recording time: 78.10     (CD Audio)
Recording: April 2007, Konstanz (Lake Constance, Germany)
English booklet enclosed / German booklet enclosed (32 p.)
Ord-No. SRL4-07007 / (p) & (c) 2007 SPEKTRAL / Series SPEKTRAL BELLS


History of the Cathedral Bells

Music has always held a prominent position at the cathedral church of the largest diocese of the Holy Roman Empire. The city’s chronicler Gregor Mangolt tells us about the situation half a millenium ago (1510): »At that time, the cathedral chapter of Constantz was widely renowned because of four things: its magnificent choir-stalls, its precious organ, its good chant and its lovely bells«.
Abstract from the CD-Booklet, text by A. Philipp


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