Ich bin mit Gott vergnügt (I am joyful in God)


Georg Poplutz and the Telemann Ensemble Frankfurt under the dirction of Andreas Köhs bring us animated performances of laegely unknown solo cantatas for the smallest of instrumental and vocal forces. These works are true treasuresof sacres chamber musicc and show the art of the cantata at its finest.

Release: July 2022

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01 BACH: Vergiss mein nicht, BWV 505
02 BERNHARD: Aus der Tief(f)en ruf ich, Herr, zu Dir
03 BACH: Was bist Du doch, o Seele, so betrübet, BWV 506
04 BACH: Schaff’s mit mir, Gott, BWV 514
05 – 09 TELEMANN: Ich weiß, dass mein Erlöser lebt TWV 1:877
10 BACH: Ich halte treulich still, BWV 466
11 BRUHNS: Jauchzet dem Herren alle Welt
12 BACH: Jesus, unser Trost und Leben, BWV 475
13 – 17 HOFFMANN: Meine Seele rühmt und preist


Georg Poplutz

Born in Arnsberg, Westfalia, tenor Georg Poplutz obtained a degree in education, which was followed by vocal studies in Frankfurt and Cologne with Berthold Possemeyer and Christoph Prégardien. Since 2010, he has also been working with Carol Meyer- Bruetting. Poplutz is well known for his “expressive and sensitive interpretations” and has appeared at important festivals as well as in churches and concert halls, both in Germany and abroad. He has recorded many broadcasts and has amassed around 100 CD and DVD recordings. Among the latter are several cantatas for the J. S. Bach Stiftung in St. Gallen with Rudolf Lutz. Poplutz has also recorded many works for the Heinrich Schutz Complete Edition with Hans-Christoph Rademann, which received an Opus Klassik award in 2020.
Poplutz is much in demand as an ensemble singer, and has sung in the Johann Rosenmüller Ensemble with Arno Paduch as well as in Konrad Junghänel’s Cantus Cölln. Poplutz has also performed a broad song repertoire for many years with his regular piano partner Hilko Dumno as well as his organ partner Jürgen Banholtzer and his guitar partners Antje Asendorf & Stefan Hladek. Some of these performances have been recorded.

Andreas Köhs

Andreas Köhs serves as choirmaster at the Lutheran Church of the Three Kings in Frankurt am Main. In this capacity, he is the latest in a long standing and illustrious tradition begun by Helmut Walcha and Kurt Thomas. He also gives organ concerts and is artistic director of the Sachsenhausen Kantorei and the Kurt Thomas Chamber Choir. Köhs studied church music at the University of Music and Art in Frankfurt am Main with Edgar Krapp and Wolfgang Schäfer. Following this, he went on to study organ with Peter Neumann at the University of Music and Dance in Cologne. He obtained a degree in organ performance while working with Dorthy de Rooij at the Royal Conservatory in Maastricht. His vast repertoire encompasses the complete works of J. S. Bach and Buxtehude as well as all the important compositions of the North German organ school and a great many Romanticworks and modern French works.
Andreas Köhs has also worked for many years as a staff writer for Bärenreiter and Breitkopf & Härtel.

Telemann-Ensemble Frankfurt

The Telemann Ensemble of Frankfurt draws its members mostly from the Rhein-Main Region. Under the direction of Andreas Köhs at the Church of the Three Kings, they perform in various instrumental configurations and are oriented toward historical performance practice, offering interpretations of great vitality and character. Their name is taken from the composer Georg Philipp Telemann, who was music director in Frankfurt am Main from 1712 to 1721 and did much to shape the musical life of that city during those years.

Kerstin Fahr, flute
Shogo Fujii, Oboe
Barbara Hefele, violin I
Sophie Müller, violin II
Petra Köhs, violoncello

P+C 2022 Spektral, LC 15543
Best.Nr.: SRL4 – 22192
EAN: 4260130381929

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