Raimund Hug

Raimung Hug was born in 1935. After studying theology in Freiburg, he was ordained as a priest in 1960 and became active for several years in pastoral work. In 1963 he began studying organ, church music and conducting with Hans Gillesberger, Hans Haselböck and Hans Swarowsky in Vienna. He graduated with Distinction in 1967, obtaining degrees in Church Music and Organ. Academic work in musicology then followed (Innsbruck, Basel andMainz), resulting in a Ph. D. degree. From 1969 – 2003 he was the director of church music at the Freiburg Cathedral. In 1970, he founded the Cathedral Singing School, where many children received their musical education. He has given many concerts in Germany and other parts of Europe as well as Russia, Japan, South Africa, South America, and Canada. He also has many CD and broadcast recordings to his credit.