vodeon interprets music as an innovative formation of soloists with an ever-changing lineup. Their joy in finding new expressive possibilities combined with their broad horizons spark collaborations with artists of all genres — from instrumental music to dance to drama. Conductor Clayton Bowman and singers Berthold Schindler and Hana Katsenes make up a core trio. Around this core they bring together groups of artists which correspond precisely to diligently designed concert programs. Despite this remarkable versatility, each project includes vodeon’s unmistakable thumbprint: the highly artful performance of vocal music with the aesthetic of the solo voice. In the space between solo and tutti, individuality and voice blending, con and senza vibrato, the ensemble finds its characteristic sound.

Influenced by the various artistic biographies of the musicians, vodeon’s repertoire has but one criterion: regardless of style, era, or language, it must be music into which the artists can breathe life, and by which the audience can be moved. Their quest for unheard programs has brought vodeon to partner with eminent artists such as the singers ­Anna-Lena Elbert and Israel Martins, the pianist Amy Brinkman-Davis, the poet Fee Brembeck, the baroque orchestra Concerto München under the direction of Johannes Berger, and the composer Johannes X. Schachtner.

Anna-Lena Elbert – soprano
Hana Katsenes – alto
Berthold Schindler – tenor
Israel Martins – bass